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Increase Your Sales With Comprehensive Product Descriptions

Do you have the best products on your website but still feel that customers seem uninterested? You may just change that with the help of Writers Hub’s product description writing service.

Good product descriptions are crucial to making the most out of e-commerce stores and boosting sales. Worry no more because Writers Hub is here to help. With our experienced writers writing your product descriptions, you can make an excellent impression on your customers.

Well-written product descriptions can potentially impact a purchase decision!

Get Writers Hub on your side and appeal to more potential customers!

Our 5 Star Service Results in a 97% client retention rate!

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Our Product Descriptions Will Help Your Business Stand Out

While it may seem easy to describe a product, it is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires expertise and research. When displaying products online, it is necessary to describe them in a way that gives customers a clear idea of what they’re purchasing while also persuading them to make the purchase. A well-written product description will act as a sales pitch to potential customers, increasing their chances of buying from you.

At Writers Hub, we adopt the same approach and write with the goal of getting your products noticed by customers. Our product descriptions are:






With these qualities, not only will your products be easy to be found on search engines, but they will also leave a better impression on your customers, increasing their chances of being purchased.

Don't wait any longer. Take action now and see a significant increase in your sales!

Contact us today at Writers Hub to learn more about our services and how we can help your business succeed. Call now to speak with one of our dedicated project managers and take the first step towards getting compelling content that drives conversions.
At Writers Hub, we understand how competitive the e-commerce market is and how crucial it is to make your products look appealing. With many years of experience, we provide the best product writing services to e-commerce websites.

Command On SEO Optimization

To improve the search engine ranking of your website, we ensure that whatever we write is 100% SEO optimized with relevant keywords, for which we have a dedicated panel of SEO experts.

A Team Of Veteran Writers & Editors

We want our customers to receive nothing but perfection, which is why we work with the brightest minds. Our writers have a firm grip on writing excellent product descriptions and know how to engage readers.

Covering Every Niche

No matter what your niche is, once you avail our service, you can rest assured knowing that Writers Hub has years of experience writing for niches ranging from tech and medical to beauty and lifestyle.

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize customer satisfaction over everything. You can tell us about your requirements, and we’ll try our best to deliver the most satisfactory results. This is why our customer retention rate is so remarkable.

At Writers Hub, we’re committed to delivering what we promise: sheer perfection! We know the digital market’s competitiveness and that there is no room for mediocrity. Considering this, our writers curate excellent content that speaks for its quality.
Before writing your product descriptions, our in-house writers take their time to understand the target market for your product. We conduct proper research and thorough competitor analysis before starting the writing process. Once we’ve gathered the necessary insights, we curate descriptions that directly target your prospective audience while addressing them in a more personalized way. We ensure that the tone is appropriate and the content is relevant while using personalized CTAs. This is essential to attracting potential buyers and persuading them to purchase the product.
Another approach we adopt is considering what customers need to know about the products when using them. This requires highlighting the attributes while explaining why they are important. We start by mentioning basic details about ingredients, size, weight, compatibility, assembly details, etc. After that, we also tie those features to certain benefits for creating value. For example, instead of simply mentioning what material a product is made of, we try to explain the benefits of that material. This subconsciously stimulates the readers to make the purchase.
We understand that digital shoppers can’t touch or hold a product before purchasing, and the only way to generate enthusiasm and emotion is through words. According to Baymard Institute’s usability test, bland and boring product descriptions can result in driving users away from the product page, even if the product is suitable. While product descriptions should provide basic facts, there’s always room for creativity in presenting the information, which is what we’re masters of. We keep readers engaged by using flamboyant sensory words to help them imagine the product.
We know the importance of using the right keywords in product descriptions since it helps search engines match your page to relevant queries. We take utmost care not to force keywords that don’t fit naturally and avoid stuffing them. Using high-ranking primary and secondary keywords and other SEO-friendly practices, we ensure your content provides value to search engines and readers.
The tone of content plays a crucial role in how your message comes across. We understand this very well and match the tone of product descriptions according to your target audience. This will help you to better connect with your customers and create the feeling that you’re speaking directly to them. Many business owners prefer using an approachable, conversational tone, whereas some choose a distinctive brand voice. Depending on your target demographic and preferences, we use the ideal tone, so your audience can connect with you in the best possible way.
While reaching out to us, you’ll have to follow a very straightforward process. Our project manager will get in touch with you and discuss your requirements. Then the project manager will deliver your project to the content head, after which the work will be distributed to the team. Once the work is done, it is sent to the QA department, where it goes through strict and thorough quality assurance before it gets delivered to you. Moreover, our project manager and content head will be in touch with you throughout the process in case any queries come to your mind. Even after we deliver your project, we will not be backing down from any revisions, if in case there are any.








Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What types of products can Writers Hub write descriptions for?
A: We can write descriptions for a wide range of products, including but not limited to: electronics, clothing, automotive parts, beauty products, vaping products, food items, healthcare products, more.
Q: What is the turnaround time for Writers Hub Product Description Writing Service?
A: Our turnaround time varies based on the size and complexity of the project, but we strive to deliver high-quality descriptions as soon as possible. For example, if we have to deliver 10 product descriptions of 200-300 words each, we will take only 3 days.
Q: Will I be able to get revisions if there are any?
A: Yes, we offer revisions until you are satisfied with the final product. However, the turnaround time depends on the nature of the revision.
Q: Can Writers Hub provide samples of their previous product description work?
A: Yes, we can provide samples of our previous work upon request. We have a complete portfolio which we will share with you in our initial meeting.

Get In Touch With Us!

Get In Touch With Us!

Get In Touch With Us!