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The Impact Of Google’s Helpful Content Update On SEO

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We all know that there are certain algorithms of Google that rank up or rank down a particular website. But are you aware of the Helpful Content Update released by Google? The update, as it shows by its name, is designed to help websites that produce top-notch quality content to rank higher. However, a majority of people don’t know much about this recent update, and it has caused a lot of havoc and confusion in the content writing and SEO industry. To clear out this confusion, we have created this detailed guide explaining what Google’s Helpful Content Update is and how it is going to impact SEO. Spare a few minutes and give a thorough read to our blog to have complete knowledge about recent SEO and Content writing trends that will be actually beneficial.

What Google’s helpful content update is?

Google’s Helpful Content Update is primarily designed to benefit the websites that starve to create original and actually helpful content to help the people, rather than creating the content just for the sake of driving more traffic to their websites. This new algorithm update will filter out the websites with high-quality content that matches the search of people and rank it higher.

What content is actually helpful, according to Google?

After we have learned about what this new update is about, the question that comes first into our minds is what content is helpful, according to Google. Let us answer it in detail.

It has happened to all of us that we search for something online and get multiple results, but when we click on the link, it is just a bundle of disappointment. This update is designed to fix this issue and only show the links of websites that are actually helpful for the searchers. Websites having well-written, informative, and quality content will be rewarded by this update.

There are multiple companies that create content strictly written according to SEO rules and rich in keywords. Although this content helps the websites to rank higher in SERPs, it usually lacks a human touch. Their focus shifts to using a certain keyword multiple times in their content instead of offering value to the reader.

The new update believes in content that focuses on providing quality information to website visitors and infuses the keywords naturally. The intent of writing should be to help people rather than SERP rankings, and this is what Google’s new update says: “If you want to rank higher in the search results, you have to produce helpful content.”

How to achieve higher rankings after the new update?

If you want your website to benefit from this update, you must be aware of the techniques that are required to keep up with the new standards. While it may seem simple to you, it requires a proper plan by an expert who has a complete grip on Google’s new update.

Keep the target audience in mind when creating content

The content published on the website should be strictly according to the interest of the target audience. The first step is to evaluate the intended audience of the business, their needs and requirements, and the problems that have to be solved. A content writer who is aware of Google’s new update will search for certain factors before creating any content. These factors may be age, location, language, and several other basic things of the website visitors. This will help create the content just according to the audience’s demand, which also is Google’s requirement.

Make sure the content will be helpful for the readers

After being informed about the audience, the next step is to create content that is helpful for the readers. For example, someone searches for a bed on Google and lands on a website using the keyword of ‘bed’ hundreds of times but not having a single image or video having a bed in it or even any descriptions of different types of beds. This won’t be happening to you after the new Google update as now the algorithms are more efficient and only rank the content that contains some information rather than a handful of keywords only.

Be mindful of what you write

When we talk about being informative, it doesn’t mean that it is as simple as gathering information from different sources and merging it up to create the content. If you want to create high-ranking informative content, you will require a skilled professional who is able to produce a unique and authentic piece of information that attracts the audience. If you claim to be an expert but publish invaluable content on your website, your visitors and Google will see through it and mark it unhelpful.

Refresh old content regularly

If you have an article on your website that shows the trends of one year ago, Google is likely to mark it as unuseful, lowering the ranking of your website. After the new update, you have to have a proper check on the content published in the past and update it on a regular basis. A website that is active and keeps on posting relevant as well as informative content is ranked higher according to the new algorithms.

How will Writers Hub helps you?

Now that Google’s policies have become stricter, every business that wants its website to rank higher in SERP needs an effective content-writing service provider. After the new algorithm Google has introduced, a bunch of SEO experts and skillful content writers are the only ones who can help a website grow. If you want to get connected with one of the expert content writing service providers, you must consider Writers Hub. We have a team of highly professional SEO experts and content writers that are trained to produce top-notch quality content just according to Google’s requirements. The content we create is not only 100% unique but also quite informative for the readers. Contact us today and leave the growth of your website to our professionals. We are committed to providing you with complete satisfaction and guaranteed results.

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